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Nothing like starting the morning hearing a diabetic complain about getting “strange looks” when they order diet soda because they can’t drink regular soda.

Here’s a thought, stop drinking soda.  It’s poison.  Especially diet.

I don’t understand why someone who already has a life-altering disease wouldn’t be taking every conceivable measure to make themselves as healthy as possible.  It is beyond me.


Here’s a little guide for people who think you can’t get enough calories on a vegan diet.

A variety of things I may eat in a given day (obviously not all in one day) and approximately how many calories are in a realistic serving size:

Smoothie (orange juice, banana, frozen fruit, coconut yogurt, whatever): ~300
Oatmeal: 200-300
Cereal w/ non-dairy milk: ~200
Toast w/ Earth Balance butter, jelly, peanut butter, etc: 100-400
Chipotle veggie burrito: (~800) or bowl (~550)
Panera Mediterranean veggie sans feta: 400ish? I forget.
Sandwich (avocado/tomato/onion with hummus, or PB&J): ~300-500
Veggie chili: 200-300
My husband’s homemade enchiladas w/ homemade guac: DEPENDS ON HOW MUCH YOU EAT B/C DELICIOUS, PROBABLY 600-800
Black bean salad: ~200?
Chana palak w/ naan: a lot; this is probably where my 5 extra lbs came from.
Sunday buffet at any Indian restaurant: god help you
Spaghetti w/ sauce (add garlic, mushrooms, peppers if you want): 300-400
Veggie burger w/ fries from Bahama Breeze: too many
Veggie burger w/ fries from Marlow’s Tavern: too many
Veggie burger w/ fries from so many other places who have it: too many
Tabbouleh, mom’s recipe: 150-200
Whole Foods vegan cookie: god I don’t even want to know
Taco salad (rice, beans, tomato/lettuce/onion/avocado, crunched up chips): plenty
Pumpkin bread: ask for recipe, try not to eat it all
Van’s waffle w/ coconut whipped cream and strawberries: ~250?
Homemade vegan chocolate cake: doesn’t matter b/c you will eat it all in one sitting
Celery w/ peanut butter and raisins: depends on how much PB you use
Artichokes w/ garlic “butter” (Earth Balance): probably 300 just from the butter
Vegan biscuit: 170
Stuffing, gravy, and mashed potatoes: don’t know, don’t want to know
Mac-n-cheese w/ Daiya: no idea
Vegan pizza (now available at Uncle Maddio’s, and Ammazza if you’re in Atlanta): depends on how much you eat.  I ate it all.
One of those $4 chocolate bars from World Market with the love poems inside: 170/serving (3 servings to a bar… good luck).

These are just off the top of my head in five minutes, and most of these aren’t even that healthy (of course I encourage salads and greens too, as well as snacking on fruit and nuts, but I was trying to appeal to people having issues with the indulgence/convenience challenges of veganism — IT’S OKAY TO EAT MORE THAN SPROUTS, YOU KNOW :D). You can find several of these on the recipe blog I used to keep (now I post recipes here).

I recently read that Kristen Bell reverted from veganism to vegetarianism while breastfeeding because she felt she “couldn’t get enough calories” from veganism, claiming she would’ve had to eat all day long in order to get enough.  Apparently she thinks raw vegetables are the only food that exists?  Oh, and eggs/dairy now, I guess.  I actually liked her — especially her love of sloths, and obvious respect for animals, not to mention Frozen — and I was really disappointed to read that.  I know celebrities are generally filled to the brim with horseshit and I rarely have any respect for the lot of them, but she actually seemed all right.

So here’s a sad but defiant response to that disappointing interview.  Giving up veganism is sad enough, but making up ridiculous excuses for why is so much worse.


Of course they’re less healthy. They’re trusting their health to politically-motivated myths.

A comment on an article about vegetarians, “Study: Vegetarians Less Healthy than Meat Eaters


(via socialrealist)

I’m tired of seeing this faulty study.

There are many, many studies showing that veg*ns are healthier than the general population.  And yet, if one study (supposedly) shows that vegetarians are less healthy, people cling to it to support their carnism.

Perhaps the most interesting thing about this study is that half of the “vegetarians” were pescetarians.  Fish aren’t vegetables.  

Also important: Many types of fish have unhealthy levels of mercury.  Some pescetarians eat extra fish to replace the land-based meats they’d eat if they had an “average” meat-eating diet. 

This study doesn’t effectively show that vegetarianism nor veganism are unhealthy, because there is no vegetarian experimental group.  This study just shows that sometimes pescetarians develop mercury-related health problems, such as neuropathy, inflammatory problems, heart-disease, etc.

We are, ostensibly, an intelligent species.  Stop making excuses, and do what’s right for you health, your fellow human beings, the environment, and the animals.

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This is amazing. MADDDD science in favor of a plant based diet. No appeals to emotion here. The dude is helllaaa animated and funny. 

Omg, just watch it…


Dying from preventable illnesses is the hip thing to do in the US.

But if you’d rather die later on from old age (or a robot rebellion?), give this video a look.

No emotional appeal.  No “gotta save the world.”

Just science!


Thought for the day!
For a long time I didn’t really want to believe this was true in my case However it was and is :)


Thought for the day!

For a long time I didn’t really want to believe this was true in my case However it was and is :)