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#GetTogether with a loved one and dine out with your MasterCard between now and 9/15 and you’ll help Stand Up To Cancer! 

Artwork by Henry Hargreaves

You can “stand up to cancer” by eating healthy, raw plant foods instead of the refined, processed crap pictured here along with even more toxic animal products (Parmesan).This world, I swear. -_-


#GetTogether with a loved one and dine out with your MasterCard between now and 9/15 and you’ll help Stand Up To Cancer! 

Artwork by Henry Hargreaves

You can “stand up to cancer” by eating healthy, raw plant foods instead of the refined, processed crap pictured here along with even more toxic animal products (Parmesan).

This world, I swear. -_-

I completely agree with you & everything you say on this blog. Not only is meat protein but animal meet gives us amino acids that can't be recreated into a daily vitamin and vegans don't understand that. We've been eating animals meat since the beginning of time. ITS THE FOOD CHAIN. Our bodies wouldn't need the proteins and amino acids unless they were important to our health. Vegans are only hurting themselves


When somebody writes something like Not only is meat protein but animal meet gives us amino acids, I know I’m speaking to someone who has dedicated their entire life to understanding how the human body works, and the proper nutrition it takes to provide its optimal function.

That’s why you see so many vegans dying from not getting any amino acids. It’s always on the news. EVERY SINGLE day, vegans dying in epidemic proportions because they don’t consume amino acids because in nature that’s not found in plants, which of course is the reason why cows eat cows, pigs eat pigs, and chickens eat chickens…….because plants don’t have protein and amino acids. In order to get the protein and amino acids into their bodies in the first place, these animals have to eat each other. It’s just how nature works, which is why there are no herbivores in the world. The amount of blood tested, medically diagnosed cases of protein and amino acid deficiency is so staggering that it could fill up an entire thimble.

I want everybody to do themselves a favor……Go to cronometer and put in a vegan food like beans, and under the nutrition facts for amino acids, you’ll notice it just says "screw you vegan….what? you think you’re better than me?".

My recommendation is to take it a step further. If you really want to make sure that you are getting enough amino acids, I strongly recommend that you eat humans. It is without question, the top, most complete protein that a human being can eat. Nothing else even comes close to the amino acid profile. You will never run out of amino acids (like so many elephants do) if you just eat humans. If we weren’t meant to eat them, then why do they have the most amino acids? It just makes sense. Remember, though, you have to eat meat-eaters, as vegans don’t have these things. Get crackin’.

It’s great to know that we live in a world where people have their priorities in check. Heart disease, cancer, stroke, etc…. killing millions of people are the red herrings. What you have to really worry about is the issues that nobody suffers from… not getting enough protein. Those are the ones that can do real damage.

Myths about amino acid shortages and food combining were put to rest decades ago by experts and researchers in protein nutrition. Every plant food that provides protein—which includes all grains, legumes, nuts, seeds, and vegetables—contains all of the essential amino acids that are needed by humans. Individual plant foods have lower percentages of some of the amino acids relative to needs, but it doesn’t matter for those who eat a healthy vegan diet. For one thing, the body maintains its own temporary storage of amino acids. And amino acids from different foods work together throughout the day to produce the right amounts and ratios of these protein building blocks.
Virgnia Messina, R.D., quoted in A Vegan Doctor Addresses The Protein Question by Holly Wilson MD (via carnism-is)

I think I need this tattooed on my forehead. 

This really irks me. Why the dichotomy? Our own health should be a top priority too. I am vegan for animals, the planet, AND my health. Veganism isn’t a political statement; it’s an entire holistic lifestyle. If you’re vegan but eating nothing but vegan junk food, you’re going to be unhealthy, you’re going to get diseases, and you’re going to end up with medical expenses to which my tax dollars will end up contributing. We have a responsibility to non-harm - and that includes ourselves, our planet, and other humans. Not just animals.


I think I need this tattooed on my forehead. 

This really irks me. Why the dichotomy? Our own health should be a top priority too. I am vegan for animals, the planet, AND my health. Veganism isn’t a political statement; it’s an entire holistic lifestyle. If you’re vegan but eating nothing but vegan junk food, you’re going to be unhealthy, you’re going to get diseases, and you’re going to end up with medical expenses to which my tax dollars will end up contributing. We have a responsibility to non-harm - and that includes ourselves, our planet, and other humans. Not just animals.



Janet Bruno, MD - a 5-minute video on meat’s causing colon cancer.  She’s one of a growing number of medical professionals, biologists, biochemists and other scientists who show evidence that meat-eating is a leading cause of cancer.

Source for pic: Cancer is a Preventable Disease that Requires Major Lifestyle Changes

Not only that, animal products have:

  • naturally occurring growth factors (stimulate growth, which increases the likelihood of cancer)
  • a non-human sugar called Neu5Gc (this foreign sugar gets incorporated into proteins on the outside of our cells bc the body mistaken it for a similar looking human sugar - Neu5Ac. But Neu5Gc is different enough to be recognized as foreign by the immune system, and causes the body to attack its own cells that got Neu5Gc incorporated in them, kind of like in an autoimmune disease. After our own immune system destroys our own cells that had Neu5Gc incorporated into them, we need to make more cells to replace the ones that got destroyed.

In meat-eaters this cycle leads to chronic inflammation and chronic cell-division to replace the destroyed cells. And every time cells divide:

  • There’s a chance the genome won’t be replicated correctly (an accumulation of the right type of mutations can lead to cancer)
  • The ends of our chromosomes (telomeres) shorten. (Can lead to aging & cancer)

This reminds me of what my cancer prof said to my class, “Sometimes I wonder how anyone can get cancer (because the body has some bad ass defenses), but sometimes I wonder how we don’t all get cancer all the time”. 

This is  one of those times when i wonder about the latter, especially concernine meat eaters. 

what are some reasons against going vegan?




im not a vegan but 

1. I love animals 

If you think you can love someone and pay for them to be caged, mutilated, killed, and exploited while you could have easily eaten something else and been just has healthy, then we have different definitions of love. Mine involves actually caring for the other person or animal. And by caring I mean doing things that are in their best interest. Getting mutilated and killed when it’s not necessary is NOT in an animals’ best interest. Therefore, by my definition of love, one cannot love all animals and pay for their needless abuse and slaughter.

But I understand that you must either have a different definition, or must not be aware that caging, cutting off body parts, and killing an animal hurts them and is actually against their will, and is therefore not in their best interest.

2. I stopped polluting the earth when I was 9 

Wow, how did you do that? That’s pretty amazing! I mean, even the most hard core vegan environmentalists can’t be 100% pollution free because there’s always their commute that pollutes the air, their plastic bags, store receipts, electronics, even the fact that the most locally grown and organic food has to be shipped to their local farmer’s market causes pollution. Idk how anyone can be pollution free.

Especially someone who eat meat, since animals shit (which isn’t processed like human shit), they require huge amounts of water to drink and to wash their carcasses. This water (usually containing antibiotics) leaks into the ground, oceans, and lakes and fucks ecosystems up. Animals also fart a lot, and methane gas just so happens to be a lot more heat trapping than the good ol’ CO2 that’s emitted during the transportation of animal feed, animals to the slaughterhouse, and their corpses to stores / restaurants. 

Here’s a video in which various experts testify about how the meat industry is the worst polluter of the air and water, but I’m very curious as to how you seemed to have been able to buy meat, milk, and eggs and not pay for the pollution excreted by the meat industry.

3. i love most people 

Again, this gets into that definition of love that we seem to differ on.

What the original post is referring to is how the meat industry has some of the shittiest jobs. They take a real toll on the worker’s psyche. A good source for reading about how shitty their jobs are is Gail Eisnitz’s book Slaughterhouse. Or you can watch a snippet of this lecture (Should be at 35:08. The part about how badly workers are treated is really short )

But basically, it’s the worst industry to work in in America. Often, people who work there are immigrants who speak little English and are not informed of their rights as workers. So management abuses them and puts them in dangerous situations. Here’s actually a quote from Slaughterhouse about that: 

Testimony to Congress from former poultry farm worker, backed up by 2 USDA inspectors and another worker (172)
"The floors are covered with grease, far, sand, and roaches. … The company won’t allow workers to leave the line when they have to go to the bathroom (so they) relieve themselves on the floor. … sometimes the chickens fall off into the drain that runs down the middle of the line. This is where roaches, intestines, diseased parts, fecal contamination, and blood are washed down. Workers get sick to their stomachs into the drain. … The Perdue supervisors told us to take the fallen chickens out of the drain and send them back down the line”

There was another interview in that book where a guy talked about how there was a fire in the slaughterhouse one time. The management locked all the doors and windows in fear that people would steal their chickens, so most people couldn’t get out (some got a door open). 

So when the OP says ‘you hate people” he’s talking about how you’re supporting an industry that treats people like shit.

4. eating meat is a great source of protein, so is eggs, and milk has calcium, again how am I ruining my health? 

It is indeed true that meat and eggs have protein and that milk has calcium. But you know what else they have?

  • Saturated fat
  • Cholesterol
  • Naturally occurring growth factors
  • Bacteria (including fecal bacteria. as in, shit particles. And yes, even in milk.)
  • Antibiotics
But I don’t really think just listing these will do the job. Allow me to cite some sources as to how bad these actually are.
Some other short fun videos (all the studies Dr. Greger references can be found in the “Sources” tab below the video:




And the problem with dairy is that from a nutritional standpoint it might as well be called “liquid meat”. It has the same methionine-rich protein, cancer promotin non-human sugar Neu5Gc, fat, cholesterol, and growth hormones.

5. flimsy excuses or my opinions?? 

Your opinions. 

6. yeah sure, because we all have cognitive dissonance. we like meat and thats really it. whats so hard to understand about it 

Oh, there’s nothing that’s hard to understand about the fact that you like meat. I totally get it. I’ve liked the taste of meat for most of my life, so how can I not understand?

But when the OP says cognitive dissonance, he means going out of our way for some animals to make sure that they are never hurt or killed, and paying for some of the worst torture and death imaginable every time we buy an animal product. If you’d throw a panic attack if I killed your dog so I can eat it, but you’re totally fine with paying someone to kill a pig: that is cognitive dissonance. It’s believing 2 contradicting things at the same time, namely that:

  1. Animals (usually pets) should not be hurt or killed because they have feelings.
  2. It’s perfectly fine for you to kill an animal because you wanted some bacon or ice cream because lol who cares about their feelings, you want your noms and that’s way more important than how those animals don’t want to be abused and killed.

7. who ever said this?? 

No one has to say it. It can be inferred from your actions. If you think your taste buds are more important that someone’s life, you will pay for an animal product that involves torture and murder in the making. If you do not think your taste buds are more important than someone’s life, you will not pay for an animal product that involved their torture and slaughter.

How is THIS a hard concept to grasp? (<— you guessed it, if it ends with a question mark, I would like an answer to it! :D)

8. how are you going to ship a deer foot to a starving person?? they cant eat a hoof you know 

lol the OP doesn’t mean shipping a deer foot to a starving person. They are talking about the fact that we convert about 7lbs of plant protein (varies depending on animal) and a shitload of clean water for 1 lb of animal protein. If we just ate the plants that animals eat directly, we could spread those resources out to more people.

Now, the soy and corn that animals eat wouldn’t just magically get transferred to the hungry people of the world the second we stop feeding them to animals. This also involves a lot of resource management. But if people were willing to divide resources up, surely we would have more of them if we didn’t feed most of them to animals first. Does that not seem logical to you?

If you’re really interested in how eating animals hurts people who are starving or live in first world countries food deserts, I should direct you to this brilliant post. It’s v long though, so I understand if you don’t wanna read it.

Another way the meat industry is fucking everyone over is with all the subsidies it’s getting (in America at least). 

Given that eating a healthy plant-based diet can actually prevent and cure a lot of diseases and our taxes are supporting the shittiest kinds of food, a study referenced here found that we’d be SAVING money on healthcare if we didn’t invest in such shitty food and instead invested in some healthy vegetables.

9. everyone drinks milk, or used to. I never heard of somebody who eats a healthy lifestyle, with non-vegan food, to have osteoporosis. it isnt cute and we dont think it is 

Let’s change up my source material this time.

10. we think we are all equal. I dont think people are better than me. why would I think that when I got hate and was bullied?? 

The OP never said you thought anyone was better than you. He said “you like telling people they aren’t better than you…” (which is what you did in your laste responce to me) “…while you do something deplorable” (he means paying for the needless abuse of animals, which you do if you are able to be vegan but aren’t). So nothing about statement 10 is incorrect as it applies to you. Except maybe the assertion that you like it.

look this is my side of the story, somebody who isnt vegan.


I hate when animals are starving, getting abused, and skinned alive.

Ok. I’m with you so far.

but I eat meat.

So you hate it when animals starve, get abused or skinned alive yet you pay for that shit to happen? I’m sorry, that’s where you lost me. Why exactly do you pay for abuse to happen to animals if you hate it? 

Animals starve, get skinned alive, and get abused. Videos like these only show some of the more standard practices, but there’s a lot more that goes on on factory farms and slaughterhouses. If you’re interested in what you’re putting animals through, read Slaughterhouse by Gail Eisnitz (I even found you a free download!) When she visited some of the major slaughterhouses all across the US she found that some of them actually literally skin cows alive, drown fully conscious pigs in boiling water, and starve the animals that are too sick to make it into the human meat supply before they throw them into a meat grinder for animal consumption. And yeah, you guessed it, they are fully conscious while they are being ground up.

The author talks to many many people from all different professions who say that these horrible things happen on EVERY FARM THEY HAVE EVER WORKED ON. And these are major brands with major CAFOs / slaughterhouses.

So excuse me if it’s a little hard for me to understand how you can pay for meat and either:

A) Believe that YOUR animal products were somehow the exception to the rule and the animals YOU’RE eating for some reason escaped this torture.


B) Believe that the things I’ve just described that have very likely happened to the animals you’ve eaten don’t count as “animal abuse”. Or are somehow justified to do to an animal because you just wanted a tasty meal. 

and I know if I stop, oh what is the government going to do??

That’s not a gramatically correct sentence, but I’ll try to address it.

  1. The government doesn’t sell meat.
  2. Even if you stopping will not have the slightest affect on overall demand (which is impossible, but let’s just assume it doesn’t.) why would you even want to bring up this argument for continuing to pay for animal abuse?
Imagine a scenario where you and a group of 20 other people are kicking the shit out of another person or a dog, idk pick your favorite. Now imagine i’m trying to convince you to stop because you’re hurting the animal you’re kicking. And you say to me”look, even if I thought it’s morally right for me to stop, it’s not like their pain levels are gonna decrease. There are still gonna be 19 people kicking them”. And that’s true. But why would YOU want to continue hurting somebody? Even if they didn’t feel significantly better if you stopped contributing to it, what in the world would drive you to KEEP hurting them when you know you’re hurting them? How could you possibly enjoy something that came from someone’s abuse?
This reminds me of the question "How can there be the stereotypical heaven and hell? Even if I go to heaven, i cannot be happy, knowing that there are people being burned and tortured in hell, no matter what they did. Heaven is a perfect place where everyone is supposed to be happy, but as long as there’s a hell I cannot be happy."
So how can you want to contribute to something that you know is hurting someone else and get pleasure out of it? 
I.e. would you be able to truly enjoy yourself if you say, went somewhere with your friend, but you knew they were absolutely miserable the whole time? Or if you has sex with a loved one knowing that they were in pain and didn’t enjoy anything about the sex. Could you enjoy yourself while someone you supposedly care about is in pain which is CAUSED by the thing that you enjoy? (<— I’d like an answer, please). 

stop selling meat just because some vegans said not to?? yeah its not going to be happen. 

How do you think supply and demand works? Do you think that if there were fewer and fewer people who would buy meat that farmers would keep breeding the same amount of animals, slaughtering the same amount of animals even though they weren’t all going to be sold? 

NO ONE is saying that the meat industry is just going to stop selling meat because “vegans said not to”. So it’s very good that you addressed that claim, but no one was making it to begin with. 

you dont know omnivores and you say things for us.

lol. First to correct the language, this post isn’t presuming to guess at the mind set of omnivores. Omnivores are animals who are able to survive of a diet of both plants and meat. The OP isn’t addressing omnivores because the word omnivore just describes how your body functions and has nothing to do with your philosophy.

The OP is addressing carnists. Carnism, like veganism is a belief system. And unlike veganism its a belief system that states that some animals can be used for our selfish needs because fuck their feelings. (I’m summarizing, but you can learn more about it at 

So it would be more accurate to say "you don’t know carnists, and you say things for us"

But what you don’t seem to understand is that, most vegans were carnists at some point. We know EXACTLY what it’s like. For instance, I know what it’s like to like / crave meat. Pop eyes chicken used to be my favorite thing in the world. I also know what its like to make excuses. (They can be opinions, but in my case I was using my opinions AS excuses). i.e. I’d think:

  • Well chickens are so much smaller than cows though… so maybe it doesn’t hurt them THAT much when they are killed. And maybe that means there are less ways to abuse a chicken.
  • I’m all totally in support of not eating animals, but I can’t go vegetarian right now, i’m still in college and I don’t even have a job, lol
  • Yeah but what about iron / B12 / some other nutrient that I as a bio major should probably know about but can’t recall because I never actually learned about nutrition in college so my bio major status in this argument is irrelevant trololol but sure does sound authoritative at first glance, doesn’t it?
But eventually I had to admit to myself that I was just using those things as excuses because I liked eating chicken and I didn’t want to have to “give it up”. 
Now, it’s possible to use any of those arguments as arguments that one truly believes in and isn’t using because subconsciously they just want to keep eating tasty meat (like I was doing). 


Well there are loads of reasons but here are ten:

  1. You hate animals
  2. You hate the environment
  3. You hate people
  4. You love ruining your health
  5. You love making flimsy excuses
  6. Cognitive dissonance is your jam
  7. You think your tastebuds are more important than someone’s life
  8. You like knowing that the wasted resources used to raise your meal could have sustained the life of a starving person.
  9. You think osteoporosis would be totally cute
  10. You like telling people they aren’t better than you, while you do something deplorable.
But since I have first hand experience of using these talking points as excuses, I think that maybe, just maybe it’s completely possible that some other carnist is doing the same.  

I betcha you just ‘think’ somebody who eats meat would say this. well buddy your’e wrong. 

The point of this post wasn’t to say that a carnism would literally say those tings. It was to show that by eating meat, one is DOING those things with one’s actions. And I’ve just explained how.

I’m going to give this a good read through later. Looks promising.


I'm curious why you didn't touch on the subsidies that vegetable and fruit producing farms receive?





Gee wiz….I don’t know. It must have slipped my mind. I’m getting forgetful in my old age.

"not all subsidies" go to meat and dairy

Jesus Christ I knew it was bad, but didn’t know it was -that- bad.

Same here!  Wow…

Oh god, my tax dollars are supporting healthy sustainable food? SAY IT ISN’T SO.

How does one become vegan? Any advice?


If you’re really stumped, follow a vegan meal plan.  You can literally just Google it:

"affordable vegan meal plan"

"soy-free vegan meal plan"

…and so on.  As for me, I mostly sustain myself on pasta, rice, beans, and foraged greens.  Oh, and lots of PB&J sandwiches.

For some it can seem overwhelming at first, but the gist of it is mainly to stop eating meat or dairy or purchasing animal products like leather.  A lot of it is dependent on your lifestyle; if you don’t have time to make a lot of your own meals, your options will be different.  There are vegan “meat,” milk, butter, and egg options available at most grocery stores now; if you live near a Whole Foods, you’re in luck — but be careful because some more mainstream products like Amy’s/Kashi/Cascadian Farm brands can be found cheaper at traditional grocery stores.

There is more to veganism than food and clothing, but it’s important to keep things simple in the beginning so as to not get overwhelmed.  In terms of eating, my diet is more varied as a vegan than it ever was before.  In a typical week I will eat smoothies, toast, oatmeal, sandwiches (PB&J or tomato/avocado/sprouts/hummus/onion/basil), enchiladas w/ guac, chili, a rice/beans dish with additions like corn and cilantro… artichokes, salads, (veggie) burgers, cookies, cake, burritos, pasta, chips, stir fry, roasted veggies w/ seasoning, mashed potatoes, homemade soups, Indian dishes, waffles w/ whipped (coconut) cream and fruit.  The possibilities are almost endless.  I’ve been vegan for a little over two years and it really is a process; in the beginning food was a lot less varied.  It may seem boring at first until you learn more recipes and get comfortable making new things. But eventually you’ll learn how to glance at a recipe and know what to use in place of the eggs or dairy, and it will still turn out delicious.

The most important thing to remember is that being vegan does not mean food has to be boring, tasteless, or low-calorie (I’ve actually GAINED weight as a vegan).  Veganism isn’t about elimination; it’s about alternatives.  You just have to be willing to learn, research, and be a little creative.

I’ve gotten several recipes from this site (all delicious):

Nothing like starting the morning hearing a diabetic complain about getting “strange looks” when they order diet soda because they can’t drink regular soda.

Here’s a thought, stop drinking soda.  It’s poison.  Especially diet.

I don’t understand why someone who already has a life-altering disease wouldn’t be taking every conceivable measure to make themselves as healthy as possible.  It is beyond me.