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I’m probably not like you. A few big ol’ things set me apart, like that I’m vegan. Miraculously, despite certainly fatal protein deficiencies, I’m still alive. I also give major shits about the environment, sustainability, and respect for the planet, ‘cause that’s kind of a cornerstone for veganism. True veganism is not a diet, but a comprehensive lifestyle centered around respect and compassion for all forms of life. So obnoxious, right?
I also openly consider myself an antitheist, against all constructs of religion and theism. There’s no Christmas in our house, no Santa or Easter Bunnies or Tooth Fairies. As there is no valid scientific basis for theism, I view it as illogical, outdated, and wholly stifling to scientific progress and discovery.
My husband and I are both relatively averse to politics, and I would certainly go so far as to label myself antipolitical. Not that we don’t have opinions (oh, we have opinions); it’s just that our opinions don’t align with any of the traditional political movements operating today. I’ve never voted; never will - at least not the way other people vote. I vote with my purchases, my actions, and my personal habits. I deeply honor the ideals of a resource-based economy as presented by The Zeitgeist Movement, but I will admit the chances of this mad world evolving to that state are pretty slim, or very far off.
And lastly, just to alienate myself a little further, I believe gender constructs (along with carnism, religion, and political systems), are one of the most harmful, primitive, and dangerously tradition-based staples lingering in our society. This will become a key issue in raising our child when we begin a family in the future. What bothers me about pop culture “gender equality,” however, is that the duality is still upheld. For instance, a parent may tell their daughter she can play with “boys’ toys” and think they’re fighting gender constructs, when in actuality they’re strengthening the dichotomy even further by emphasizing that the toys are, in fact, for boys. The real lesson should be that there are no “boys’ toys” but simply toys; there are no “girls’ clothes” but simply clothes, and that society has warped us into thinking otherwise. That is the ideal to which I subscribe, and consider it a very important distinction.
These traits above boil down to my personal definition of Ahimsa, a Sanskrit word and philosophy meaning “do not injure.” For us that extends to oneself, other beings, and the planet - to live one’s life without contributing negatively to our environment, society, or individuals in any way, as far as is practical. This concept is of utmost importance to me as an individual, defining my moral center and my sense of self. Religion, carnism, politics, consumerism, the gender dichotomy - all of these constructs translate to me as harmful, so I couldn’t possibly accept or connect to someone whose ideals conflict with this.
As you can imagine by now, I don’t like very many people. While I do try to be sensitive to everyone’s unique situation, I’m a strong advocate of personal responsibility for the quality of human being one becomes, regardless of background or socioeconomic status, and I know plenty who are living proof. I believe that in this age of freely accessible and limitless information, apathy and selfishness are a choice, and that the excuse of ignorance can no longer be exercised by a first-world citizen with a working brain.
In other words, I have a low-tolerance/high-standards approach when it comes to people. We all have an effect on one another and the planet, so the idea of “personal” choice doesn’t exist the way people like to think it does. The choice to consume animal products isn’t personal because it involves taking the life of another and contributing to the livestock industry’s role in global warming. If you eat junk food and spend your life on the couch and then use Medicare to cover your diabetes and heart disease, my taxes are paying for that. That’s not a personal choice; that’s unfair as hell. For that reason, health and personal care are two of my top priorities and hot-button issues, because we can’t care for each other or our planet if we’re not even taking care of ourselves.  I’m big on fairness - as much as possible, avoid doing shit that negatively impacts someone or something.  Pretty simple, really.
Regardless of my standards, I work to practice empathy and kindness because I want my future child to learn that even if you don’t understand or agree with someone, it is still and always important to be kind.
I work in nonprofit with a background in writing. My degree’s in English, if you can just picture the blue meth level of cash arising from that. I absolutely loathe the workforce and all of its bullshit. My sexy, brilliant husband (I can brag, because I am not those things) is an IT engineer. I am proud to say we were a 99% match on OK Cupid! (Seriously.) Before him, I disastrously dated a teenager for two years and before that, a woman for four. She’s still my best friend because we’re both nuts. My very Christian parents pretty much despise each other but refuse to divorce, and my mom is batshit crazy.
I’m a shy awkward type, somewhat existentialist/nihilistic, prone to overthinking, overeating, depression, and intense frustration over the state of the world and the stupidity of my species. The depression’s generally linked to the fact that I don’t connect with anyone; other vegans tend to fall into the “generic liberal” category that I despise, other atheists tend to be obnoxious bacon lovers, etc.; I just don’t really seem to fit anywhere. On the positive side, I love traveling, sloths, science, yoga, photography, and erotic fan fiction. A perfect world would allow me to combine all of this into a career I actually enjoy (I could travel to the rainforest to take photos of sloths doing yoga while conducting research about their reading habits!), but for now I will stick it out where I am until I can one day focus on raising a child.
I believe the only path to a sustainable, peaceful, and progressive future on this planet will be paved with intelligent, conscious, religion-free families who value health and well-being, compassion, logic, and respect for all forms of life. If nothing else, I’ll make sure that’s the future I’m building for the next generation.
Questions or comments are welcome, but obnoxious stupidity will be ignored and set aflame per Biblical law.